DIVA Mobile

DIVA Mobile Clinic: Fully Equipped Dental Clinic on Wheel

Your family or friends live in a long-term care facility and have hard time accessing a dentist? 

DIVA Mobile now provides state-of-the-art mobile dental services to seniors living in a long-term healthcare facility.

Drs. Joon and Julie Coe have specialty training after dental school and over 40 years of clinical experience combined. Both doctors have devoted to teaching students and caring for patients in dental schools and private practice.

Drs. Joon and Julie Coe directly operate a wide scope of dental services in a fully equipped state of the art dental mobile clinic (pictures below). You do not need to drive to a dental office.

Services we provide include:

  • Quarterly dental exam and cleaning (American Dental Association recommendation)
  • X-ray
  • Preventive treatment: fluoride varnish, Silver Diamine Fluoride
  • Doctor’s order for oral care regimen: dry mouth, cancer sore, canker sore 
  • Simple denture adjustment
  • Simple extractions
  • Dentures (i.e. new dentures, repair, reline)
  • Deep cleanings
  • Simple fillings
  • Cosmetic treatments (i.e. tooth whitening)
  • Night-guards (custom), sleep apnea or snoring appliance
  • Urgent dental problems consult and visits
  • Referral services as needed: we welcome patient visits in our office in Leesburg, VA

Please speak with Dr. Coe to know more about our services.

DIVA Mobile is available throughout the metro Washington DC region (excluding Maryland), Northern Virginia/NOVA, Falls Church, Alexandria, Reston, Fredericksburg, and surrounding areas.

DIVA Mobile Home Visit: Doctor Visits You in the Comfort of Your Home

Do you or your loved ones have hard time visiting a dentist and would like to get treatment at your home?

YES, DIVA Mobile Home Visit can make it happen.

With the state-of-the-art portable equipment (fully reclining wheelchair, hand-held x-ray unit, and dental engine), you can receive oral care in your bed, couch, or wheelchair.

Your dentist will assess you and discuss options with you prior to treatment.

We can provide routine care (exam, x-ray, cleaning) or urgent care (broken tooth, pain).

Please call us if you have more questions.