Geriatric Dentistry

Geriatric Dentistry

At Dental Innovations of Virginia our key philosophy in approaching dental care for senior adults includes diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the problem. We firmly believe our natural teeth and gums are far superior to any artificial replacements. Diagnosing the problem early on is vital.

It takes more training and experience to better understand and care for senior adults’ unique, sensitive, and fragile oral health. We understand the complexities associated in patients with multiple medications and ailments. Our office provides comfortable wheel chair accessible rooms along with having nitrous sedation available.

We have the best training in Prosthodontics and an additional 3 years of rigorous training after dental school. One of the subjects of training in Prosthodontics is geriatric dentistry. We utilize the best materials, the most efficient techniques and personalized care to preserve and supplement your oral health.

Please give us a call  at Dental Innovations of Virginia to get more information about our new patient specials and how we can help you bring back your oral health and smile!

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Senior Dental Wellness

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