Our philosophy -Leesburg VA dentistAt DIVA, your Leesburg VA dentist, our practice motto is “honest excellence”. We firmly believe every patient deserves the best possible care based on a conscientious work of the care provider. In our practice, the only guiding light in any decision of care is your overall well-being. We founded ourselves on a sound philosophy, while continuously have strived to improve our techniques to deliver the best outcome. As long-time dental school faculties, it is in our DNA to follow principles to render the best outcome.

Like Leonardo da Vinci, we believe each patient is a microcosm, and the center of the universe at work. We pledge to work relentlessly to rehabilitate one tooth, one mouth at a time, until we restore the form and function, so the workings of the universe can keep on!

We believe dentistry shares the same principles with architecture: The structures that we construct should be based on understanding and executing sound engineering principles. At the same time, they should yield cosmetic values to the highest level. With our expertise and resources, we promise that we will devote our very best to achieve this goal for every one of our patients.

We strongly believe ultimate excellence comes from quality formal education and improvements through continuing education. Our doctors and staff members have accomplished the highest level of formal education at prestigious institutions across the globe, and broad and deep experience that were perfected through scientific training working at academic institutes and clinics. We assure you that the care we provide is based on sound science and perfected through experience.

Leesburg VA Dentist

Dental Innovations of Virginia offers advanced general dentistry, prosthodontics, and comprehensive dental services to Lansdowne, VA; Leesburg, VA; Ashburn, VA and surrounding areas. Our DIVA Mobile Clinic and DIVA Home Visit services bring treatments to long-term care facilities and homes. Our team prioritizes safety, with contactless check-in, health checks, and enhanced PPE. Our dental services include preventive care, cosmetic dentistry, and dental education.