Hello! My name is R and I had the amazing experience of working alongside Dr. Coe for nearly 4 years. To say Dr. Coe is a perfectionist is an understatement! I am not even sure where to start when describing him and what you can expect when you choose him as your dentist.

I saw (and participated) first hand how Dr. Coe truly changed people’s smile, but more importantly, their lives. Over the past four years, we would routinely see patients who had been previously deemed “hopeless”. A lot of the time, our patients would first come to us sad, self conscious and scared. Dr. Coe is not the type dentist who will make you feel like you did something wrong in regards to your dental health and he will make you feel at ease at your very first visit. One of the best parts of working with Dr. Coe was seeing how he consistently changed the way our patients viewed coming to the dentist. It didn’t take long for our patients to look forward to coming to dentist!

In addition to the family feel, you will truly get the BEST treatment out there! I work with multiple different dentists and specialists, but Dr. Coe continually delivered consistent, excellent results. From a “simple” filling to a complex full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Coe never cuts corners.

Dr. Coe takes TIME with his patients. Not only to get to know your dental desires, but he honestly gets to know YOU. It was not uncommon for us to laugh and talk about our own families with our patients on a daily basis.

Dr. Coe does not only treat his patients with the utmost respect and appreciation, he also treats his employees as family, too! I have never worked with a more genuinely kind man before. Dr. Coe has a philosophy of treating every person as a member of his family, and it shows! When you choose Dr. Coe as your dentist, you have also chosen someone who will care about you and treat you as he would his own family.

I could go on and on for days about how great of a man and prosthodontist that Dr. Coe is. When you first meet him, you will be able to see and feel how genuine and honest he is. You will also be getting the best treatment and long-term outcome for your dental needs around. I will truly miss working with such an excellent professional and great friend! You are lucky to have him in Northern Virginia.


Dr. Coe is an awesome dentist!
As a child, I was diagnosed with Dentinogenisis Imperfecta. This caused my teeth to be fragile, brittle, and have a gray-transparent look to it. I needed to have extensive work done in order to make myself feel comfortable about smiling; unfortunately, I’ve been smiling with closed lips all of my life. While searching for a dentist to help me, my standards were initially pretty low: I just wanted a dentist who was willing to take my case.
In the past, I’ve been turned away several times because other dentists had no idea how to treat me. This was not the case with Dr. Coe. After the first examination, he put together a plan to help me get the smile of my dreams. He also set realistic expectations for what the final outcome would be. We are nearly finished my treatment and I could not be happier. During my appointments, he made me feel very comfortable with his chairside manner and his relaxing demeanor. I have never had a doctor, dentist, or otherwise make me feel so comfortable and confident in the decisions I was making about my health. He has certainly exceeded all of my expectations tenfold. Although his location is now 2hrs from my home, I wouldn’t dare find another dentist. The only dentist I trust with my teeth is Dr. Coe!