Dr. Coe is a wonderful, professional, caring dentist who has been extremely patient and helpful in assisting me with overcoming my extreme anxiety about dentistry. I am fortunate to found her! SK


I cannot say enough good things about the faculty practice – particularly Dr. Coe. I came as a new patient with previous bad dental experiences. I had a lot of anxiety about coming to the dentist. However, over the past few years of being cared for by the faculty practice & Dr. Coe – my anxiety has greatly decreased when coming for my regular dental check-ups / cleanings. I am so grateful for her compassionate care. She always makes sure to explain what she is going to do before she does it, and takes time to make sure I understand & am comfortable. She is so gentle. Dr. Coe has changed my whole experience at the dentist. I cannot thank her enough. GP.


Dr. Coe is an excellent dentist!! I have been to so many dentists over the years (both in the States and overseas) and honestly, no one has listened and taken care of me like her. Being a physician myself I very much value being a good listener and address patients concerns. Additionally, Dr. Coe is very kind and has an excellent bedside manner. Truly a gifted talented dentist!! Thanks. FR.


“To Whom It May Concern:

This note is in support of Dr. Julie Coe, that she may receive the highest commendation, promotion and compensation for her excellent dental work.

Dr. Coe has been my dentist since January 2014, at which time I arrived at her office with a menagerie of problems: cracked tooth, cavities, and several teeth with severely abraded enamel. I was lonely, being new to the Richmond area where I had no friends nor acquaintances, discouraged as I went through an emotionally draining divorce with its legal wrangling and multiplying expenses.

With strapped finances, I hadn’t visited a dentist for more than a year and was fearful of what the cost of dental repairs might be. Dr. Coe and Janice, her dental assistant greeted me warmly and then listened intently as I described my dental problems and personal problems as well. I immediately sensed that Dr. Coe’s care for me as a person and not merely as an arbitrary dental patient. She reassured me that she was intent on helping me. She was sympathetic and mindful of the financial constraints confining me. After a cursory evaluation, she imaged my teeth with an X-Ray and carefully discussed them with me. She took the time to explain to me in detail the problems that needed fixing and suggested a timetable of several visits to fix them. She was thoroughly familiar with the nature of my dental insurance and elaborated a strategy and ordering for future visits where I wouldn ‘t exceed my coverage limits and stay within my tight budget.

The dental work Dr. Coe has done for me is spectacular. Her professionalism permeates every procedure. I marveled as she applied the dental anesthetic painlessly with a needle to the inside of my lip. She expertly repaired my tooth, polished, and put caps on the abraded surfaces so that I could confidently show a radiant smile. Furthermore, throughout all the procedures, in spite of how busy she is with other patients, instructing interns, teaching courses and managing the lives of her own children, she is never rushed and always personable. I appreciate her sincere courtesies of asking about the status of my ailing parents and family, courtesies which are all but perfunctory.

In truth I can say that I owe Dr. Coe specific gratitude for my happy state today. When I arrived in Richmond at age 5 1 1 was childless and newly single, suffering the final spasms of a emotionally corrosive divorce. My mood was despondent and depressed, wondering if I would ever be a husband and a father. After several encouraging visits to Dr. Coe in which she repaired my teeth and my smile, my hope was rekindled; I felt like a new man. The fine dental work and encouragement from Dr. Coe and the staff in MCV’s Faculty Practice engendered in me the reassurance to date. Within the two years after my first dental visit with Dr. Coe, in September 2015, I was happily married and several months hence witnessed the birth of my first child. Long-time aspirations of my life have finally come to fruition, thanks in no small measure to Dr. Coe.“



“Dr. Julie Coe gave my family and me the best treatments and cares. We are
always satisfied and grateful what she did. Her communication skill is excellent when speaking in both English and Korean. She always checked our insurance status first and then found correct
examinations. We recommend VCU dental care to others many times because of her. She never treated us half-hearted, and she is a dedicate and endurant doctor with reliability. I have met. many different dentists in my life, but Dr. Coe is definitely my best doctor. I think VCU faculty dentistry is lucky to have her.”



“I have worked with Dr. Julie Coe in the faculty practice in the past 5 years. We both practice on Monday and have many mutual patients. From my experience interacting with Julie, I found her to be a great clinician with tremendous patience and clinical experience. She always put patients first and gives them the best treatment plans that fit their needs. Our patients all like here a lot and really appreciate her services. I trust her clinic decisions and feel very comfortable to refer patients to her.

I am also one of the instructors for her treatment planning course for D3 students. As a course director, she put a lot of effort to design the course, work on the schedule, calibrate all the faculty and guide the students. She emphasizes on evidence-based practice and problem-based learn. I can say that she is really the expert in this field school wise and nation wise. She is very detail-oriented. There are 8 or 9 faculty from different departments every year in this course and many of them are new to the course. But Julie has done unbelievable work to organize the material, cases and presentations and made it a great course for the students. Because of this, I am free to participate as a discussion facilitator and just focus on providing guidance to the students. From the feedback that I received from the students, they all like this course and learn a lot from it.”


Dr M

“I can’t thank Dr. Coe enough for his dedication, patience, and commitment to excellence. His attention to detail is only surpassed by his desire for patient satisfaction. He diligently worked around my busy schedule, intuitively understood the confidence and logistical issues that go along with missing a front tooth when I am trying to focus on taking care of other people, and transformed a traumatic predicament into a reason to smile again! I highly recommend him!”

Dr. W

Dear Dr. Joon Coe

I have had the pleasure of knowing and teaching with Dr. Joon Coe since January of 2012. I have observed Dr. Coe in all facets of dentistry and find him to be extremely knowledgeable of all the latest materials and technologies in dentistry in addition to being a superb clinician with the highest integrity. He spends time to address the smallest details during treatment to offer his patients the best possible result both functionally and aesthetically. He is my dentist and I could not recommend him more highly.


Dr. K

For many years, I could not relax in a dentist’s chair.
My first time in Dr. Coe’s chair was wholly different. He is gifted with a reassuring voice and healing hands. That voice always heads off surprises. The hands are graceful, precise, and seemingly weightless hand. One day I took a chance and asked him if he had grown up playing with Legos. Surprised by the question, he smiled and said yes.

Dr. M

Dear Dr. Coe,
It has come to my attention that you are soon to open a private Prosthodontics Practice in Northern Virginia. I applaud this decision as it will enable you to bring you exceptional skill set to an entirely new patient population.
During this transitional period, I wanted to reflect on our relationship over the last six and one half years. We first met in the winter of 2014. At that time, I was experiencing a problem with the misalignment of the “bite” on my front teeth. A local Prosthodontics Practice had already recommended a very expensive and difficult “full – mouth restoration” effecting all my teeth. After a thorough clinical evaluation of my “bite” problem, you determined that the situation could be corrected with the realignment of my front four upper and lower teeth. This realignment was accomplished in a highly professional and timely manner by crowning my front four upper teeth and applying veneers to my front four lower teeth.
The corrective procedures you accomplished on my teeth resulted in both a highly functional “bite” and a very aesthetically pleasing appearance. Your solution to my problem was significantly less expensive, less time consuming and much less burdensome than the originally proposed “full mouth restoration” for all my teeth. Over the past five and half years you have continued your wonderful care for me on a normal periodic basis. My teeth have maintained their exceptional functionally over all this time. Additionally, I have received numerous compliments on the appearance of my teeth and my smile.
Dr. Coe, I want to express my deepest appreciation for your superior professional care over the past three and one half years. Your broad knowledge of dentistry, attention to patient needs, pleasant demeanor and warm personality made my experience with you most satisfying. These same characteristics engender a very high degree of trust in you as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. You are a true professional and I was most fortunate to be under your care.
I wish you the greatest success in your new endeavor and know you will bring the highest quality of dentistry to your new set of patients.
Most Sincerely Yours,